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Could wine in Christmas hampers help fight heart attacks?
Published on 31/10/2011

Those sending Christmas hampers to loved ones this year could find that the wine contained in their gift will help the recipient boost their heart health.

According to a study by Harvard University, ladies who drank a few beverages each month or more than three per week after suffering a heart attack lived longer than those who never touched alcohol.

The research - published in the American Journal of Cardiology - looked at 1,200 women who were hospitalised following a heart attack.

After a ten-year follow-up period, 44 of those who were teetotal passed away, compared to one-quarter of moderate drinkers and 18 per cent of heavy drinkers.

Joshua Rosenbloom, leader of the study, said: "The most recent evidence suggests that it's the alcohol itself that's beneficial."

Stuart Walton, chairman of the Circle of Wine Writers, said recently that the 2011 vintage produced in France will be of exceptional quality.

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