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Could fruit in food hampers help women lose baby weight?
Published on 28/11/2011

The fruit contained in food hampers could help women who have recently given birth to shed their baby weight.

According to Dr Joanna Helcke, wellness consultant and founder of Zest4lifeUK.com, the key is not to try fad diets in the hope the excess pounds will drop off quickly, but rather consume a balanced diet combined with the right exercises.

She stressed the importance of not cutting out certain food groups, as the demands of breastfeeding and caring for a baby mean ladies need all the strength they can get.

Dr Helcke said that abdominal exercises are an important part of the weight loss plan, as is consuming the right foods.

"I would suggest that for most post-natal women, simply making sure that they get the correct balance and type of protein, carbohydrates, fat, dairy, fruit and vegetables - combined with the right sort of exercise - is enough to see the baby weight come off at a steady and healthy rate," the expert added.

Alison Wetton, founder and chief executive officer of All About Weight, recently extolled the virtues of fruit, stating it is an essential part of a healthy diet which will ultimately help people lose weight.

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