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Could fruit in food hampers help keep one looking young?
Published on 17/11/2011

Those who have received food hampers from loved ones containing fruit may find that their gift helps them battle wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Dr Sarah Schenker, from the Nutrition Society, outlined various vitamins and minerals which can benefit one's skin and help them look younger for longer.

Among them is beta carotene, which she stated has an anti-ageing role due to the fact that it acts as an antioxidant in the body.

"It isn't an anti-wrinkle but it helps that break down that leads to the aging process, so it's good for anti-ageing nutrients," Dr Schenker said.

The expert went on to add that vitamin C - which is also found in fruits contained in food hampers - also benefits the skin because it is involved in the production of collagen.

As well as keeping one's skin healthy, fruit could also help reduce the chances of a person developing bowel cancer, as a healthy diet is crucial in the fight against the disease, according to Nick Phillips, director of Bowel Cancer Wales.

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