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Could fruit baskets motivate dieters?
Published on 10/01/2012

Ordering fruit baskets may be one way individuals can help keep themselves motivated towards their new year goal of losing weight.

Author and visiting teaching fellow at Oxford University Medical School Ursula James explained having the right mindset is the difference between succeeding and failing.

She recommended setting a specific goal as this is more motivating than an abstract target, as well as keeping a food diary.

It was suggested individuals will soon notice a pattern in their moods and what type of produce they eat, which will help prevent them from losing their focus.

"The quicker you identify what mood you're more likely to eat in - such as stressed or bored - then if you avoid the mood, you're not going to eat the food," Ms James commented.

People were advised to eat balanced and healthy options as extreme diets do not work in the long-run.

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