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Corporate Rewards – How To Reward, What To Reward and When
Published on 05/02/2018
Alcohol-Free Stratford with Bespoke Branded Ribbon

Rewarding employees for their hard work is important to increasing staff morale, and providing motivation and incentives for your team. But perhaps you’re unsure of how to reward, what to reward and when the best time to reward is? Find out everything you need to know about employee rewards today.

How To Deliver Employee Rewards

The main factor you’ll need to consider when giving corporate rewards to employees is consistency. You could be giving out employee rewards for hard work on a project, meeting a particular target or for working well together as a team – but there needs to be a certain set of rules and guidelines in place to make that particular employee eligible for this reward. This will ensure that other employees, if meeting the same criteria in the future, are then, in turn, rewarded themselves.

Other factors to consider include the cultural and religious beliefs of your staff. If you agree to send a personalised bottle of wine, for example, to every employee who hits a certain target, that may not be suitable for some staff members. This may also be inappropriate for pregnant women, someone who doesn’t drink for health reasons or someone of a religious belief where alcohol is not prohibited. When deciding how to deliver corporate rewards, the gift needs to be consistent and inclusive of all staff members. That way, it will encourage your staff to continue to reach their targets as they know that a thoughtful gift lies at the end of all their hard work.

For more ideas read, 8 corporate gifting mistakes you should avoid, which can also be applied to your own employee appreciation gifts.

Corporate Reward Ideas

Struggling to decide what to reward employees with? From delectable food filled hampers to alcoholic treats for all staff to enjoy, find a range of employee rewards perfect for celebrating a staff member’s performance. Our Prosecco Tetbury hamper is the perfect way to celebrate an employee promotion, reward an employee for stepping out of their comfort zone or give to the team to show your appreciation for all their hard work. Let them share out Lindor assorted Swiss chocolate truffles, double chocolate biscuits, organic Cotswold brie and fruit and nut slab cake – all the while toasting to the celebration with a bubbling bottle of Zonin 2821, Prosecco Doc Spumante Special Cuvée.

And for those who don’t drink? Our Alcohol-Free Draycott hamper is the perfect solution. With refreshing bottles of organic sparkling pressé in both raspberry and cranberry flavours, ensure all staff are catered for with alcohol-free employee recognition gifts that can be shared with their family at home, the team at work or for solo indulgence. Packed full of Cotswold luxury shortbread, red onion marmalade, puff pastry twists and more, staff members will feel appreciated and motivated whilst tucking into delectable treats and refreshing beverages.

When To Give Employee Appreciation Gifts

Once you have decided how to give employee rewards, and chosen which sort of corporate rewards to give, the next question to ask yourself is; when. Should your employee rewards be given at the end of your financial year? At the end of the calendar year in time for Christmas? When you’re happy with specific performance of an employee? Or simply whenever you feel staff are deserving? Choosing when to give out your employee recognition gifts can add to the level of consistency within the employee rewards guidelines you have set, and make them aware of a benchmark they want to aspire to. For example, if your employee rewards are set to come in just before the Christmas period, this may incentivise staff to push forward and drive performance for the end of the calendar year.

Looking for more employee incentive ideas? Take a look through our extensive selection of corporate reward ideas online and find the perfect choice for your employees today.

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