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Cork not always best for wine?
Published on 20/09/2010

Wine can be spoilt when corks are used instead of screw caps, one expert has indicated.

In an interview with Decanter.com, Vanya Cullen, managing director and senior winemaker at Cullen Wines in Western Australia's Margaret River, said "to deliberately kill wines with cork taint or the possibility of oxidation goes against the culture of bio dynamics".

She claimed manufacturers who use natural cork are "anti-green", as the energy used to produce the beverage is wasted when "cork taint" occurs.

Furthermore, Ms Cullen noted the screw cap is greener than a cork lid even though more energy is needed to create it, because the amount of waste is significantly less.

She observed the use of natural cork is "unacceptable" and the screw cap wins over the natural material "every time".

In a recent article for CNN, Robert Curnow suggested wine fans could soon be pouring their beverages from a plastic bottle.

He stated Backsberg Estate has moved to plastic as it is more environmentally- friendly.


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