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Consumers 'must acknowledge alcohol calories'
Published on 02/01/2013

Dieters have been warned to pay close attention to how much alcohol they consume, after new research revealed booze is the second-highest source of calories.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), alcohol accounts for almost ten per cent of each regular drinker's total calorie intake, with one glass of wine equating to around 178 calories.

As a result, many individuals are either forgetting or ignoring the consequences booze can have on an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Kate Mendoza, head of information at WCRF, stated people are largely unaware of how unhealthy drinking is and do not include the extra calories when working out their daily consumption.

She added: "Cutting down on drinking can have a big effect on weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight."

Nevertheless, it may not be necessary to completely abstain from drinking, with consumers instead able to choose smaller glass sizes or dilute alcohol with soda water or a low-calorie soft drink.

Government guidelines advise that men do not drink more than three to four units of alcohol a day, while women should only consume a maximum of two to three units.

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