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Christmas hamper buyers offered wine temperature tips
Published on 11/10/2011

Advice on ideal temperatures may come in handy for those receiving wine in Christmas hampers.

Expert on the beverage Olly Smith wrote for the Daily Mail that bottles are at risk of exposure to extreme temperatures because of modern lifestyles.

While centrally-heated homes may be too warm for reds, fridges are typically too cold for whites.

He recommended that whites and roses be served at seven to ten degrees C rather than the four degrees C fridges tend to be set at, so these should not be served straight after being taken out.

And in order to preserve the complexity and aroma of reds they should be kept away from radiators and fires to avoid stewing, with Mr Smith suggesting drinkers should err on the side of caution as they aim for 14 to 18 degrees C, since the wine can be warmed in the hand if it is too cool.

Next week sees the arrival of the Cheese and Wine Festival in London, which will give people an opportunity to learn more about many aspects of the drink.

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