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How To Give Better Gifts This Christmas
Published on 01/11/2016
Holly Christmas Hamper

Christmas Gift Inspiration

Finding inspiration when it comes to buying gifts at Christmas time can be difficult. When you have a lot of family and friends to buy for, or if their birthday has just been and gone – coming up with new ideas for meaningful gifts that they will really appreciate can be tricky. Give better gifts this festive season with Christmas present ideas to suit even the most difficult family member to buy for.

Unique Christmas Gifts

For unique Christmas gifts guaranteed to offer something that strays from the usual socks and calendars, luxury Christmas hampers from Regency Hampers offer something for every taste. Whether it’s a good bottle of wine, an array of confectionery, or piquant snacks to last well beyond the Christmas period – our range of hampers provide unique Christmas gifts for all recipients, whether sharing with family or keeping all to themselves.

Memorable Christmas Gifts

A different way to go when it comes to Christmas present ideas, photos and photo frames can commemorate an occasion, and make for truly memorable gifts at Christmas. An ornamental frame can be greatly appreciated as a new addition to the mantel piece, while including a photograph of a treasured memory adds an individual touch. For sentimental loved ones who appreciate a lasting gift, memorable Christmas gifts like photos, photo frames and even photo keyrings are a great way of giving them something new.

Nostalgic Christmas Gifts

Ideal for older family members and loved ones, nostalgic Christmas gifts not only show a lot of thought, but can also offer a window back to their youth for a truly meaningful Christmas gift. From now-hard-to-find food items to books from their childhood, commemorative newspaper volumes and even old toys – inspire a remember these? reaction with truly thoughtful, nostalgic Christmas gifts.

Traditional Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for more traditional Christmas gifts this year instead, then making them personal and meaningful is still important. Clothing is always well received, with a warm hat, scarf and gloves to see your loved ones through the winter offering a practical yet thoughtful gift. Do they have a favourite colour, or particular style? Taking note of the little elements makes all the difference when it comes to traditional Christmas gifts. Feeling crafty instead? Christmas is the perfect time to dig out your knitting needles or sewing kit and make a one-of-a-kind present.

Charitable Christmas Gifts

If amidst all your shopping you feel like donating to a worthy course this year, why not consider charitable Christmas gifts? From cash donations to those that buy food, care packages, or even shelter for those in need – there are a number of international and domestic charities to choose from at Christmas time if you’re feeling particularly benevolent this year. After all, the spirit of giving and generosity is the true meaning of Christmas.

From unique to traditional – there are Christmas present ideas for every interest. Putting in a little extra thought can go a long way towards finding memorable, personal Christmas gifts that your family and friends will really appreciate – so why not do something a little different this year?

Want to give better gifts this year? Find Christmas gift inspiration with our list of inspiring Christmas gifts above to find something memorable, meaningful and personal – no matter who you’re buying for.

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