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It’s Your Turn To Spoil Them! Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents
Published on 28/08/2018

Do you remember the thrill of a visit to Nan and Grandad’s? Chances are you’d come away with a stomach full of sweets and chocolate, and hands clenching coins tightly, that grandad plucked from behind your ear as you left. You still can’t believe he got you with that every time!

They’ve always been good at spoiling you, so this Christmas, it’s time to turn the tables with our Christmas gift ideas for grandparents. Why not give them a gift brimming with sweet treats, savoury snacks and their favourite tipple? Here we give you the lowdown on the best Christmas Hampers in our range. We’ve got the types of Christmas hampers to suit every giving grandparent – from traditional tastes of their youth, to alcohol free favourites.

Christmas Gifts for Nan

For the Nan that Loves to Bake…

Remember the delicious, sweet scent of baking that used to greet you as you walked in your grandparents’ house? Perhaps Nan still makes you a cake every birthday or will come around on Christmas day with a cake tin full of freshly baked mince pies? If so, what better way to send her your season’s greetings and show appreciation for all her efforts in the kitchen, than with a hamper full of baked treats.

Let Nan put her feet up and enjoy crumbly rich fruit cake, flaky puff pastry twists and light shortbread in our Red Robin Christmas Gift Hamper. Combined with soft truffles, savoury snacks and a bottle of Shiraz, this is one of the best Christmas hampers for a Christmas evening reminiscing about nan’s baking triumphs.

For a Taste of Tradition

Do your grandparents always have a story to tell about the Christmas day traditions when they were younger? The best Christmas hampers should always give a nod to tradition, and none does that more so than our Christmas Tradition Hamper.

Nan can enjoy left over meats on Boxing Day alongside some traditional sweet piccalilli. She’ll love a fruit and nut loaf decorated in marzipan, traditional Christmas pudding and the elder statesman of canapés – sweet olives. Combined with a handful of modern treats, she can enjoy no less than 4 bottles of Christmas day drinks, including port, champagne and wine. It may be traditional by name, but this Christmas hamper is sure to provide Nan with one of the most indulgent Christmas presents ever received.

Soft Drinks and Soft Snacks

Our Christmas hamper ideas for Nan at Christmas have featured alcohol so far, but if your Nan isn’t a fan of fizz, or wild about wine, may we suggest our alcohol-free types of Christmas hampers? Our Alcohol-Free Hampers provide a fine selection of sweet and savoury snacks with something a little softer to wash them down with.

Our Alcohol-Free Festive Treatis one of the best Christmas gifts for Nans that prefer a soft drink and softer snacks. Soft Brie, melt in the mouth chocolate truffles and crumbly short bread are ideal if Nan is a denture wearer, while the refreshing Raspberry crush is an acidic complement to the creamy cheese and sweet snacks.

Christmas Presents for Grandad

Does He Cherish Cheese and Port?

Long after the turkey and the Christmas pudding has gone down, Grandad probably likes nothing more than to sit back in his favourite arm chair with a supper of cheese and his favourite tipple. If that sounds like yours, we’ve got just the types of Christmas hampers for him!

Our Port & Stilton Favourites hamper combines creamy Stilton with oatcakes, chutney and mature cheddar alongside 75cl of Graham’s vintage Port. If you (and Nan) are concerned that he might finish that in a single sitting, consider the grandeur of the Port & Stilton Treat Hamper. Add to the above the gift of mince pies, crisps and fruit and nut loaf, and this hamper is sure to see him through to Boxing day and beyond.

Tradition with a Twist

If Grandad values tradition, but at the same time, likes to think he’s somewhat ‘down with the kids’ the Cotswold Classic Hamper could be just the gift for him.

Featuring the festive favourites of mince pies, chocolates and Port, this hamper features snacks with an extra kick of heat in stark contrast to the traditional Christmas climate. Sweet chilli crisps, black pepper and chilli coated olives and cranberry biscuits all feature to make this a traditional hamper with a modern twist – just like Grandad himself!

Fetch your Grandad a Drink…

If that was a familiar request from your parents every time your grandparents came to visit, fetch your Grandad his favourite drinks in a Christmas hamper.

If you’ve often heard your Dad and Grandad comparing notes on their favourite ales, presents for Grandad won’t be much more highly sought than a Five Bottle Real Ale Selection. Presented in a wooden case, this gift contains 5 x 500ml bottles of classic ales, including Old Speckled Hen, Bombardier and Directors Ale.

If he prefers something a little stronger, even just as a warming addition to a cup of coffee, you could consider a Whisky Tasting Kit. 5 x 30ml bottles of Scotland’s finest exports combine to give Grandad a taste of the highlands to toast in the new year with.

Christmas Hamper Ideas for every Grandparent

So, if you were wondering how to thank your grandparents for spoiling you over the years, look no further than Regency Hampers. Peruse our full range of Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, then place your order and look forward to seeing their face light up, the way yours does on every visit.

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