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Cheese sculpture record holder might enjoy a gift hamper
Published on 04/06/2010

Hamper fans might be interested in the latest record-breaking feat by a 46-year-old Cordon Bleu-trained chef.

Tanys Pullin has crafted a cheese sculpture weighing more than 500kg in the shape of a crown to mark the Queen's coronation.

The creation, which took 90 hours to complete, measures 1.2m tall and has beaten the previous record by 200kg, according to the World Records Academy.

Ms Pullin, who has described herself as the Nigella Lawson of the cheese world, explained how she made the sculpture.

"I was given a 600kg block of cheese. I spent about eight days carving the crown and did 12-hour sessions which did get a bit chilly in the fridge," she said.

As part of the record, the crown had to be made from a single piece of cheese and could not be supported by an internal structure.

Other record-breaking foods include a 55cm-high, two-tonne cheesecake in Mexico and a doner kebab weighing more than 4,000kg.

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