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Cheese gift hampers 'can improve the immune system'
Published on 14/05/2010

Individuals who enjoy tucking into a cheese gift hamper may be pleased to learn that the foodstuff has significant health benefits.

Scientists in Finland have found that cheese can help to preserve and enhance the immune system of the elderly.

Their research has been published in the Federation of European Materials Societies Immunology and Medical Microbiology journal and stated the dairy produce can act as a carrier for probiotic bacteria.

Dr Fandi Ibrahim, from the University of Turku in Finland, said: "Probiotic bacteria has been reported to enhance the immune response through other products and now we have discovered that cheese can be a carrier of the same bacteria."

The experts gathered their results by asking patients, all aged between 72 and 103, to eat one slice of either placebo or probiotic Gouda cheese with their breakfast for four weeks.

It was recently reported that the 51st annual Cheese Rolling Festival had taken place in Stilton near Peterborough, with teams pushing a wooden wheel through the town centre.

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