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Champagne hamper fans to favour oak barrels?
Published on 07/07/2010

Those who enjoy indulging in a champagne hamper may soon find the produce has been created in oak barrels, as the practice looks set to become more popular.

Simon-Charles Lepage and Davy Dosnon, two producers of bubbly, have been extolling the virtues of using the method rather than the more widespread stainless steel storage technique, the Edmonton Journal reports.

Mr Lepage noted all the great wines use oak, yet only around one per cent use the material in the production of champagne.

The industry expert remarked the style: "Brings power, softness and complexity."

And experts seem to agree, as the products have been warmly welcomed by international critics, the source observed.

The pair revealed they only employ Puligny-Montrachet barrels that are a minimum of five years old to ensure the drink does not contain any trace of the wood.

It was recently revealed champagne was the drink of choice at Wimbledon, as supporters in the players' terrace toasted the victory of Rafael Nadal by indulging in the beverage.

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