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Champagne hamper fans 'should pour the drink as if it is a bottle of beer'
Published on 17/08/2010

Champagne should be poured into a tilted glass in the same way as a beer is served, a study has indicated.

Gerard Liger-Belair from the University of Reims said if the beverage - which is often found in luxury gift hampers - is poured vertically it can lose its bubbles.

"There is more turbulence and more motion in the liquid in a vertical pour. When you tilt the glass the liquid invades the glass with less force," he added.

Researchers measured the bubbles in Champagne decanted like a beer and compared it with traditional methods and discovered transferring the drink from the bottle as if it is a pint is the best method.

And the report indicated the drink is always best served chilled, as this can also slow down the loss of bubbles.

In a recent article for DemocratandChronicle.com, Laura Nichols noted sweet Rieslings tend to be sold in blue bottles and dry versions in green bottles.

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