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Certain wines 'more popular' in different parts of the UK
Published on 14/09/2010

Wine fans have regional tastes, a news survey has indicated.

According to supermarket chain Morrisons, people in the south-west tend to purchase more Pinot Grigio than any other brand, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Individuals in the north-west prefer Chardonnay and those in Scotland are into heavy reds including Cabernet Sauvignon - which can often be found in luxury gift hampers - and Malbec.

Wine consultant Allan Cheesman said there has always been a difference in beverages compared with locations.

"Scotland like high alcohol drinks, along with Ireland and the Scandinavian countries. They also have a sweeter tooth." he added.

Mr Cheesman explained there used to be a sweet sherry called Walnut Brown that would sell well in the Highlands but would gather dust in the south.

He also observed the wine industry has changed since the 1980s, as different parts of the country now enjoy a wide range of wines.

Wine fans who enjoy a tipple may want to celebrate the upcoming International Grenache Day, which takes place on September 24th.

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