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Can hamper beverages protect heart problems?
Published on 07/02/2011

Some beverages may have health-promoting qualities for people recovering from coronary bypass surgery, it has been suggested.

Research by the American Heart Association has revealed some drinks - such as the wine and beer found in hampers - in addition to spirits, could have cardiovascular benefits, NBC 2 reports.

The results of the study - which looked at 1,000 heart bypass patients - highlighted that a bit of booze can reduce the risk of repeat procedures, heart attacks and other problems - in some cases by as much as 25 per cent.

Dr Ronald Levine of the Naples Heart Institute noted the findings are not attached to one type of beverage in particular.

"Whether it's beer, wine or hard liquor, all of those have shown to be beneficial," he said, advising: "One to two drinks a day. Not a bottle of wine with dinner."

For people who prefer fruit hampers, Yvonne Bishop-Weston, nutritionist at UK Harley Street, claimed last month the consumption of natural foods can help the body repair and strengthen the immune system.

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