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Become an expert on the wine in your hamper
Published on 18/01/2011

Hamper fans who know their wine but not their terminology can better articulate their tastes with a few simple terms, it has been suggested.

There are certain words and discussion points that can help any aspiring connoisseur appear authentically knowledgeable, iafrica.com reports.

For instance, when tasting a wine that is very dry, it can be said that it has a high tannin content – the chemical make-up responsible for the dry quality that some wines possess.

Additionally, the process of breathing and how "air interacts with the wine" was explained in detail.

"Oxidising is supposed to enhance the flavour of wine by taking away that sharpness and replacing it with a mellow, smooth taste," the article noted.

The tips, based on a wine evaluation course at Stellenbosch University, also claim the environment a grape has grown in should be referred to as its terroir.

Writing for GoErie.com, wine expert Bill Daley recently commented that a wine should be savoured in the mouth for a few seconds to allow a fuller taste.

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