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Be vigilant when buying Christmas hampers with smartphones
Published on 08/11/2011

Smartphones represent a convenient way to purchase Christmas hampers, however, it is important consumers have adequate security measures in place when carrying out financial transactions on such devices.

That is according to GetSafeOnline.org, a joint initiative between the industry, government and police, which stated that with increasing numbers of people buying goods via their handsets, protecting one's details is crucial.

Francis Maude, minister for cyber security, said that around 17 per cent of people purchase items via smartphones and while it is an easy way to shop, it is important they are used in a safe manner.

"More and more people are using their smartphone to transmit personal and financial information over the internet, whether it's for online banking, shopping or social networking," he added.

Melanie McKinney, publisher at UTalkMarketing, said recently that retailers must get onboard with the fact that increasing numbers of consumers are using smartphone devices to purchase goods.

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