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'Superfood' chocolate could be ideal for gift hampers
Published on 23/03/2010

People who like to receive chocolate gift hampers might be pleased to know that the confectionary is now being hailed as a new "superfood".

The Daily Mail reports that the food that was once considered a sin is now being praised for its high levels of antioxidants, which are good for people's health.

Other ingredients, such as theobromine, are beneficial for the nervous system, the newspaper claims, while phenylethylamine is believed to have the effect of putting individuals in a good mood.

Professor F Kwaka Addai, a Ghanaian doctor, reported in the journal Medical Hypotheses that drinking cocoa on a regular basis has helped him battle malaria.

He said: "Since 2004, when my family started drinking unsweetened natural cocoa mixed with hot water, we have not had it [malaria]."

Earlier in the month, it was reported in the Queensland Times that dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease - due partly to the fact that it can serve to lower blood pressure.

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